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The Girl With No Eyes

November 21, 2013, 0 Comments

My family and I have lived in this house since I was in the 4th grade. It was always a completely normal house, until I played with that stupid Oujia board. My younger and sister and I had played with it when I was in the 6th grade. I asked “Who are you?” The Oujia board responded, “Margaret.” Chills were sent down my spine. I didn’t move the board piece, and neither did my sister. I asked another question. “What do you want?” We waited a short 3 seconds, and the piece moved again. “My sister and my best friend” it responded. We immediately stopped playing. That creeped us out.

A few months later, after nothing weird had happened, I invited my friend Van over to the house. It was about his 7th time coming over. Nothing weird had ever happened to him. So, this night, my parents were out shopping, and my siblings were doing their things outside of the house. My sister Katie, the one who helped with the Oujia board, stayed in. It was late at night. (Probably about 11 o’ clock.) Katie, Van and I were sitting on the couch, when we suddenly heard a loud bang come from upstairs. Van, being the scaredy-cat he always was, squealed in fear. “What was that?” He asked quietly. “I don’t know. Katie, come up and look with me.” I responded. My sister Katie was always brave. “Okay, Declan. Let’s go.” We grabbed each other’s hands and stepped onto the first stair. Suddenly, a burst of pain shot through my arm. “OW!” Katie and I yelled at the same time. Apparently, she had got the same cut on her arm. We both looked up the stairs. A young girl, about 10 years old, was staring down at us. The thing was, she didn’t have any eyes. They both looked like they had been shot out. “Margaret?” I asked. She shook her head, which told us “No.” We screamed in chorus, running back down the few steps we’d come up. Telling Van about it, he looked as if he was about to cry, while saying “Stop it! You guys are scaring me!” He never came over again.

So, my sister Megan always has really weird dreams. She once had a dream that somebody was in her room strangling her. Once, she even had a dream she was sleeping on the bottom bunk in my room, listening to somebody on the top bunk banging down on the mattress. I always sleep in my room, but scared, now. She always had the creepiest dreams about our house. One night, I was completely convinced her dreams had come true. I walked up the stairs, alone. My sister Megan was out with her friends again. Walking into the bathroom, I had noticed something about her room at the end of the hall. The door was open, and her dim, desk light was on. I could see the reflection of her mirror and the desk light in the window through her doorway. I asked loudly, “Margaret, is that you?” Suddenly, I saw a face appear in the mirror. It wasn’t the girl with the shot-out eyes. This time, the face looked a bit less demented, and looked older. About 16, I was guessing. The face nodded. I knew, Margaret was there. She suddenly looked very happy as two other faces appeared in the mirror. One was the girl with the shot-out eyes, and another was a boy wearing a dinosaur hat. He looked like he was 16, also. My little brother had told me about seeing that boy. I smiled. I knew, Margaret was happy. She was with her sister and her best friend. I don’t know how I knew, I guess it was just intuition. Now, I was determined to find out about who they were, and how they got here.

I had recently found out about the history of my house. Margaret Haylord, the girl from the Oujia board. Lisa Haylord, the girl with shot out eyes. Alex Kresh, the boy with the dinosaur hat. They were all killed by the same woman in my house. Her name was Alexia Haylord. Lisa & Margaret’s mother. She was drunk that night. She killed the whole family, then killed herself. Now, whenever I see a dark figure, I’m sure that I shouldn’t talk to it. I don’t want to risk it.

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