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The Grand Canyon Like You’ve Never Seen It

December 4, 2013, 0 Comments

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The Grand Canyon is famous for its spectacular views, showcasing mile after mile of rocky, sunken landscape. But tourists visiting on November 29, 2013 were foiled in their plans to view it due to unexpected weather conditions. Luckily for them, the obstruction proved just as breathtaking as the Canyon itself.

It was a rare phenomena called a weather inversion that caused billows of clouds to sink to the Canyon floor, engulfing its extensive landscape like mortar between bricks. The spectacle is caused by cold air inside the Canyon trapped beneath a layer of warmer air.

Photos not enough for you? Time lapse video of the inversion was captured as well.

We’re used to seeing landmarks as they typically appear, the Grand Canyon being one of the most iconic. But not until Mother Nature flips the script do we realize there was a hidden side to the coin all along, and that our general perceptions aren’t grounded in as much reality as we’d like to believe.