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The Great Octopus Chase

November 23, 2013, 0 Comments

Our world’s oceans are vast, mysterious and teeming with wildlife. But their restrictive nature only allows for a peripheral glimpse at what lies beneath. Every so often, a sea story of legendary status is captured on tape, giving us unprecedented access to the obscured world in which we seek to understand.

A diver filming his spear fishing expedition notices something living amidst the weeds: an octopus clinging to a nearby ledge. We’re only given a quick glimpse of the reclusive eight armed creature before its natural defense mechanism kicks in, pouncing preemptively on the man. The octopus entwines its tentacles around the diver’s wrists, revealing its hidden inner strength. In a moment of panic and struggle, the camera is ripped from the his hands, freeing the diver in the process. Camera in tow, the octopus races away.

A chase ensues. Not willing to sacrifice his expensive HD camera, the diver races after the rapidly evading thief. The pursuit lasts for several minutes before eventually narrowing the gap. Now face to face with the diver, the octopus finds something new to play with, the diver’s spear gun. Latching itself to the gun’s tip, the octopus loosens its grip on the camera. The diver recovers his camera, giving us our first detailed look at the creature. And the spear gun pointed directly at it.

A tense struggle with the potential for bloodshed takes a lighthearted turn. The octopus, a gorgeous purple color with white suction cups, just wants to play. Jumping at the chance, the diver takes the tamed sea creature for a swim. A touching moment, and a brilliant ending to an underwater grudge match between two unexpected foes.

When we leave our safe, dry overworld to explore the secrets of the deep, we must be prepared to expect the unexpected. Sea creatures govern themselves to a simpler set of standards centered around survival and not much more. But to the good fortune of this inquisitive diver, the risk was worth the reward. Not only did he return home unharmed, but he did so with footage of among the greatest sea stories of our time.