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The Haunted House of Main Street

November 20, 2013, 0 Comments

In my house, it wasn’t uncommon to feel a cold burst of air in the dead of summer. In my house, it wasn’t uncommon to hear whispers long after everyone had gone to bed. In my house, it wasn’t uncommon to hide under the covers when the footsteps you heard walking by your room late at night would just stop..leaving you to wonder whose room the owner of the sounds was going to visit that night….

I was 12 when we moved into the house. An ordinary two story dwelling that resembled all the houses on the block. It was blue, a friendly cover I remember thinking when we pulled up for the first time. The white shutters made it look ideal, the rose bushes in the front completing the picture. It made me feel happy when I saw it. But that feeling changed once I entered the house.

The first few nights, I think we were all so exhausted from moving and unpacking, that no one noticed anything unusual, falling into such a deep sleep every night. The house was coming along, and my parents were thrilled. This was the first house they had bought, and you could tell the sense of accomplishment with the way my mother arranged the knickknacks for the 10th time, or had my father adjust the couch yet again, wanting to get the best angle.

A week into our new house, it started.

I had gone to bed, still thrilled to have my own bedroom. It always took me awhile to fall asleep and that night was no exception. I remember my radio on low, and thoughts of the new school I would be attending dancing through my head. As my body relaxed and headed towards sleep I was jolted awake by the sound of a heavy thud. As the only thing above me was the attic, I waited a minute and decided it must have been a box falling. After all, my brother had been in charge of stacking them, and needless to say he wasn’t exactly careful.

With no more sounds, and the reasoning in my head, I closed my eyes and started to drift again when the noise came again. This time, it was right above my head, so loud I sat up in my bed. Before I could start to justify the sound another one happened. It was footsteps, I was positive about that. And they seemed to be walking in a circle above my bed. I got out of my bed and started towards my door, slowly and carefully listening. Once I reached the door, the sound stopped, causing me to stop. I wasn’t sure where I was exactly going, but I was scared at not knowing what was making the noise.

I stood there for what seemed liked an hour, but no more than a few minutes had passed. I decided to head back to my bed. As soon as I took my first step, the thud was so loud it made a picture shake on the wall. My heart was pounding and it felt like my throat was closing up . I was scared, and getting to my parents was all I could think about at that point. I ran back to my door, and swung it open. As I reached the hallway, I saw my brother had also just come out of his room and we stood looking at each other, eyes wide.

“Shawn..” I whispered and took a step toward him only to stop as a cold blast of air consumed me, causing my breath to catch. It was so cold I felt my body’s responding shiver to the change in temperature. Before I could do anything, it was gone. I looked at my hands, and saw they were still there (not sure why this was the first thing I checked), and then I looked back at my brother who at that exact moment was feeling the air. I could tell by the look in his eyes, and the way his body stood stock still he was experiencing it. I took a step toward his but couldn’t move. It was like there was a wall. So scared. I tried to say something, but my voice was gone. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. With all my might I screamed. This time my voice worked.

The scream brought my parents awake and I heard them scrambling to get out of bed. I looked at my brother and say he was coming out of the fog. His eyes were wide and his small body was shaking. I ran over to him. “Are you ok?” I asked him , I could hear my voice shaking. My brother looked at me, and I will never forget what he said. ” We need to leave, Crystal. They don’t want us here.”

Before I could ask his who didn’t want us here, my mother emerged from her room.

That night was the first of the incidents in the main street house. We should have listened. It was only the beginning to what we were to experience.

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