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The Pioneer Ghost Girl

November 3, 2014, 0 Comments

One time when I was in 3rd grade, I went on a field trip to an old town. It looked pretty creepy. Our class had to walk in partners. My partner was one of my best friends. Her name was Rena. Well, Rena had a broken leg, so she would walk really slow and I had to wait for her. My class went on without us so we had to catch up. By the time we caught up, they had already visited this really old classroom. My teacher told Rena and I to go in alone while everyone was having lunch. We started walking in and my other friends came charging at us. They said the class was creepy, but they wanted to go in again. So the four of us, (Me, Rena, and my two friends) went in.

When we got in, it was really dusty and dark. All of a sudden we felt a cold blast of air. We all screamed at the chilling air. We looked at the desks and there was a book at each desk. There were different colors of books. There was green, red and blue. We all walked to the middle of the stairs, but we could hardly see anything because it was so dark so we went back. We came back down the stairs and this time there was only one book and one desk right in the middle of the classroom and the book was all black. Then we heard creaking noises from the stairs. We huddled in a corner and saw a little pioneer girl come down.

She seemed sad. She sat down at the desk and stared at us. One of my friends asked her if she was on a field trip too, but there was no answer. She opened the book and started mumbling as if she was reading even though the pages were blank. I asked her what she was doing and why she was there. She looked up at us and smiled. Then she asked if we were new students in her class. I told her that we were on a field trip and that no one goes to school here anymore. She walked up to me and said, “Then why am I still here?”

She walked up the stairs and turned around and said, “Don’t come up the stairs… or you’ll pay what I payed!” We all looked at each other then back at her and she just faded away into thin air. We all rushed out of the creepy little classroom and told everyone what happened, but no one believed us. We went up to this man that seemed like he worked there and asked him about the old school. He said, “In one class, a little girl got sad at something one of her classmates said so she ran up the stairs. No one had used the stairs before and they were really old so she fell and died. They still have not fixed the stairs.”

I asked him why the staff didn’t put a sign up to warn people about the stairs? He said they do every time but it always disappears. He then added, “The teacher chased after the girl and died as well. The teacher was a mean teacher. Some people say the teacher takes down the sign so people would get hurt.”

Luckily, none of us got hurt that day, but we did collectively get the creeps. It’s not the type of thing any of us will be forgetting anytime soon.

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