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The Watchover Girl

November 20, 2013, 0 Comments

I am only 13 years old, but this has been happening since I was 7. When I was little, I would walk up to my mom and say, “Mommy, the little girl is here,” even though she saw no one. One day she asked me what the little girl looked like. I replied, “I don’t know; she talks to me though.” This made my mom think it was an imaginary friend. Then after about 2 years, the voice stopped.

But on my 10th birthday, things got weird.

I was woken up by a little girl singing “Happy birthday to momma” repeatedly. I looked around my room frantically, expecting to see someone.

I didn’t.

It was that day I decided that this wasn’t normal. Over that day I kept hearing things like “Momma, look what I got you.” and “It’s time for cake momma, get daddy”. Then that night, as I lay awake, I heard: “momma, are you mad at me? Can I come sleep in your bed?”. So, being sick of the situation, I moved over. To my surprise, the sheets moved and shifted to the shape of a girl who was big enough to be maybe 3. I screamed and bolted down the stairs to my mom’s room.

When I was 12, we moved, and the voices stopped.

But the dreams began.

I was having dreams about a beautiful little girl, blonde hair, green eyes, wearing a pink and purple dress, skipping around singing, “where are you momma? I can’t find you”. This happened night after night for months and months until one day I woke up to the little voice screeching happily and yelling “Momma! I found you!” So on that day, I visited my friend’s mom, who is a paranormal expert. She held my hand and listened with me, as the girl laughed and said “momma, who’s that?” That was all she needed to hear. She easily told me that what I was hearing was the voice of a girl who would one day be my daughter. So, I responded to the little voice, saying “Hi honey, tell mommy your name.” And then I heard: “Silly momma, I’m Ashley!” Ashley. I’ve always loved that name, and had planned to name my first child that.

Now I’m 13, and to this day I hear the little girl, and have dreams about her skipping around and

making daisy bunches. One day, I woke up with a daisy on my closet door.

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