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Timmy’s Spirit Wanders Waverly Hills

November 23, 2013, 0 Comments

Waverly Hills Sanatorium is an abandoned hospital in Jefferson County, Kentucky. Conceived at the turn of the 19th century, Waverly Hills was the attempted solution to the regional tuberculosis epidemic. Treatment options for the highly contagious infection were limited, resulting in 8,000 deaths at the hospital until its closure in 1962. The grounds of Waverly Hills were, and still are, known to be ripe with spiritual activity. The tale of one particular patient reveals a slice of the sanatorium’s paranormal past.

Timmy was a patient in the children’s wing at Waverly Hills. Despite his debilitating ailment, he loved playing with his toy ball, allowing him to keep a positive outlook on an otherwise grim situation. After his passing, Timmy became a focal point of controversy between Waverly hospital staff, reporting sightings of Timmy’s toy ball rolling down the hospital corridor. The encounters were numerous, but merely accepted over time as the hospital gained it’s reputation for being haunted.

On May 1, 2009, a group of paranormal investigators decided to try for a Timmy encounter of their own. Armed with an inflatable toy ball and a video camera, the team ventured to the 3rd floor of the now-decrepit Sanatorium where Timmy was once known to reside. The investigator gently coaxes the spirit to move the ball, as if kindly directing a child to follow a command. Almost immediately, the ball takes on a life of its own, rolling in a multitude of directions over a short stretch of ground. Subsequent requests for the spirit to move the ball go unanswered, with the ball remaining completely lifeless.

Does this footage prove Timmy still wanders the halls Waverly Hills to this day? Perhaps. His story is a compelling one, and a sad tribute to a little boy who was never afforded a fair chance at life. But with so many causalities inside the sanatorium, the haunted halls of Waverly Hills Sanatorium are likely filled with Timmy’s. And only through time, research and investigation will we get to know them individually.

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