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Two-Headed Albino Milk Snake Thrives

November 23, 2013, 0 Comments

Meet Medusa, the Two-Headed Albino Milk Snake. Not only has Medusa beaten the odds by surviving past his 2nd birthday, but he’s actually thriving. Well, minus a couple inconveniences of the two-headed variety.

With both heads operating independently of each other, a task as simple as getting a drink can prove difficult. Unable to agree on a direction in which to slither, the gorgeous orange and white striped creature fights itself as if playing a solitary game of tug of war. But after a short struggle, a successful approach to the water bowl is made.

Both heads drink simultaneously, nourishing the same body. It’s a beautiful sight that begs the questions of the animal’s own consciousness and self-awareness. With each head acting so primally, they certainly seem to act more competitively than cooperatively. This is illustrated to an even greater extent in Medusa’s equally awesome feeding video.

Medusa’s condition is known as, Polycephaly which happens when twins fail to separate completely. What makes Medusa extra special is that he exhibits characteristics of Axial Bifurcation. That is, despite having 2 heads, Medusa is still perfectly symmetrical.

Medusa is an animal anomaly and a sight to behold. By observing his behavior, he raises deeper questions of consciousness and animal existence. But above all, he’s a symbol of our mutual animalistic struggle, and a reminder to never stop pushing.