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UFO Annihilates Russian Rocket

November 1, 2014, 0 Comments

The launch of Russia’s AM4R spacecraft was a $200 million, 15-year endeavor, carrying advanced satellite technology with the goal of providing Internet, television and communications service to the Russian homeland and beyond. But it was a goal that would ultimately go unfulfilled. The May 15, 2014 launch of the 19-story proton rocket would result in unexpected failure, erupting in a fiery blaze at 100 miles of altitude.

In a public statement, Russian space officials suggested that a steering engine mishap was the catalyst that ultimately led to the rocket’s unstable disintegration. But a closer inspection of the footage suggests that an unknown outside force played a major role.

Appearing from the right, a white light moves rapidly and laterally toward the rocket during its ascent. In a seemingly synchronized maneuver, the orb-like craft makes contact with the rocket, causing the rocket’s immediate failure and subsequent descent. The unidentified craft continues on its leftward trajectory after making it’s destructive impact.

The technology displayed by this UFO is nothing short of remarkable, possessing the ability to take down a 19-story proton rocket while continuing along its assumed flight path. The incredible 100 mile altitude of this incident hinders a clear view of the craft, but seems to rule out the possibility of an bird, plane or similar such aerial anomaly.

In the escalating global political climate, the magnitude of this event isn’t to be taken lightly. The rocket contained Russia’s most advanced satellite technology to date, and a successful launch would have symbolized a major milestone in both the space race and for Russian society at large. So the question remains, who might seek to prevent Russia from a successful satellite launch, and who might be capable of accomplishing such an astonishing feat?

Did an extraterrestrial craft from a distant planet intervene the Russian rocket launch to send Earth a message of peace? Or perhaps the UFO strike was the result of a military effort, utilizing the power of a missile or even black budget aerial technology more advanced than we can imagine. If so, do multiple nations possess such a technology unbeknownst to the citizens of this world? Perhaps that would explain the reluctance of Russian and international officials in acknowledging the evidence that exists right before our eyes — evidence of a highly advanced aerial attack with technology from outside of this World.