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UFO Chases Plane Contrail

February 10, 2014, 0 Comments

On February 4, 2014, a lone airplane streaked across the San Diego sky, leaving a cloudy line in its wake. The atmospheric emission, known as a condensation trail, caught the attention of a camera-toting sky watcher with a keen interest in the phenomena. But little did he know that his recording would contain video evidence far more intriguing.

A closer inspection of the video reveals a secondary object moving swiftly through the daytime sky. The aircraft appears smaller and brighter than the plane, yet seems to mirror it in both speed and path, as if attempting to play catch-up. The UFO produces an unknown discharge, followed by a series of explosions. The craft maintains brightness as it soars through the atmosphere, displaying a visible shadow and cloud disturbance in the process.

From where did this unidentified craft originate, and what are its intentions in Earth’s sky? Does this footage suggest the visitation of an intelligent extraterrestrial craft, attracted by an airplane’s conspicuous condensation trail? Conspiracy theorists might even call into question the composition of the contrail itself, a phenomena all but proven to possess nefarious chemical properties.

We live in a world where the questions keep mounting, yet the answers remain few and far between. But all hope is not lost. Through our persistent curiosity, free will and increased access to consumer technology, we are able to seek our own truths like never before. The answers we get, we may not like. But uncovering the truth is half the battle, and it’s a battle that must ultimately be fought.