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UFO Ejects Unknown Cargo Over Melbourne

August 19, 2014, 0 Comments

It was just your average summer night in Melbourne, Australia. Unless, of course, you happened to have your eyes to the sky with the help of some modern technology.

Fortunately, YouTube user U.F.O.Lou managed to do just that, and the HD footage he captured has decidedly left many truth-seekers with more questions than answers.

Two UFOs are seen gliding through the night air, with the first appearing almost immediately and the second following close behind, appearing at 0:23. Cloud coverage reveals the first unknown craft to be substantially lower in altitude than the second, permitting an unobstructed view from the camera below. Curious of his captured footage, the videographer magnified the UFO in question, yielding an unexpected discovery in the process.

A tight zoom on the UFO reveals a critical yet initially-overlooked detail buried the vastness of the full-frame. Once magnified, the UFO is seen offloading an unknown object laterally as it continues on it’s projected path.

What is the nature of this UFO ejection? Have we witnessed the purposeful deployment of a rogue satellite, destined to orbit our planet indefinitely for purposes of unknown observation?

This UFO sighting along with others were largely made possible through the industrious use of consumer electronics. Advancements in technology and affordability have allowed hobbyist UFO hunters to capture high-resolution aerial evidence like never before.