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UFO Probes Tornado Outskirts

November 29, 2013, 0 Comments

Sunday, November 17 2013 was a devastating day for the state of Indiana. Severe thunderstorms turned to widespread destruction as 28 tornadoes ravaged multiple communities. With his eye to the sky, an attentive Noblesville resident may have spotted something paranormal amidst the chaos.

Just below cloud level, a bright UFO hovers around a general area. It’s motions are short and erratic, even flying against the extreme winds at times, demonstrating its ability to move independently. Just 9 miles away, an EF1 tornado has touched down, with winds measuring 100 mph over a 150 yard span.

What was the object in the sky that day? Catastrophic weather conditions may be of particular interest to an outside race observing Earth. Perhaps the craft originated from a remote galaxy, with the task of carrying out a data collecting mission; determined to learn more about our tiny, and often destructive, Blue Planet.