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UFO Sighting Stumps Police

September 2, 2014, 0 Comments

Don’t you hate it when a UFO interrupts your evening wine down? That’s what happened to Stephanie Wilkerson of Lower Paxton Township, Pennsylvania, and what she saw caused her to do a double-take. But her husband confirmed not only the aerial anomaly’s existence, but that it was now changing colors after remaining perfectly still quite some time. The Wilkersons grew concerned, and an emergency call was made. Help was on the way.

Police responded to the scene of the August 25, 2014 UFO report but not even the Police Sergeant could offer an explanation for what they all were witnessing in the sky that very moment. Calls to the local military base and airport confirmed the rogue craft was none of their doing. This was something different. But what?

The leads are sparse, but an interview from a neighbor reveals the same crafted was spotted in the sky just one night prior. Are we to believe the unknown craft will repeat history to appear in the night sky once again? The chances are likely, and this community has their cameras ready.