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Undead Friends

November 23, 2013, 0 Comments

This paranormal encounter started when I was twelve. My Auntie Megan came to stay over in the new house my Dad and I had recently moved into. Megan had to stay in the spare room since we only had the three bedrooms.

The first night, I was most probably snoring in my bed. I woke to see the door edge open. Megan walked in, carrying a little girl in her arms. She stumbled slightly as she fumbled in the pitch blackness. Slowly, she laid the girl by my side. The creepy little girl didn’t flinch, she just stayed as still as a grave. Megan gently pushed the covers over her before leaving the room. I stared in shock at the little stranger who looked just like me. She had jet black hair, like mine, pale skin, like mine and thick, long lashes. I fell asleep staring at the strange girl in my bed.

The next morning, I made everybody breakfast and sat beside Megan. Megan smiled at me. “Why’d you get into bed with me, Riley?” She asked me. She thought I was the strange little girl! “What? I didn’t get in with you!” She and I exchanged looks before she shrugged her shoulders, indicating that the conversation was over.

That evening, Dad and Megan were downstairs and I’d just dried my hair with the blowdryer. I placed the dryer on my desk before jumping onto my bed. Suddenly, the dryer roared to life, lifting itself and shaking as if someone was drying their hair. I freaked, screaming and covering my face in the blankets.

The next night, I was choosing my outfit for girls’ night. I paired the outfit with the shoes on my bed before jumping into the bathroom. When I returned my clothes were gone, but the hangers still there. I grumbled and yelled, ” Joey, WHERE’S MY STUFF! ” I screamed. My brother peered into my room. He shook his head before staring behind me. “When did she get here?” He asked. I turned around, and there she was. The little girl. She was wearing the clothes put out. Joey left, and I just stared at the girl. She waved her painted nails at me. ‘Hi! I’m Smiley!” She giggled. She sat down with me before explaining. She told me her mother killed her in the room so her soul is stuck here.

Ever since that night, I’ve talked to Smiley. We’ve become the best of friends.

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