Unseen Visitor Revealed In Photo 1
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Unseen Visitor Revealed In Photo

September 5, 2014, 0 Comments

A photographer’s camera is an extension of their senses, blurring the boundaries between between technology and their own natural instinct to capture and convey a visual message. But what is an experienced photographer to do when that message manifests itself as the face of death? It was one unsuspecting night in 2007 when ParaSci reader Rick found himself in this rather hair-raising situation.

“I bought a new Canon PowerShot S5IS when I was living in Pilot Mountain, North Carolina,” explained Rick.” The first night, I was checking out all the bells and whistles to see just what this thing could do. I have been an avid photographer since 1997.”

One of Rick’s most anticipated new features was a time-lapse setting permitting hands-free photography on a delay.

“So I completely darkened the room, walked around making swirls of light with only the screen of my cell phone and a small LED flashlight, for 15 seconds.”

After reviewing the resulting photographs, Rick was startled to find one that looked like none of the rest. Amongst the swirls of light, the face of a lady could be seen with a very distinct set of facial features. And she appeared to be looking directly at him.

“The face looks to be of a lady with dark lipstick. Sometimes though, what really gives me the chills, is when I zoom into the eyes, knowing that we were in the room together.”

Over time, many of Rick’s apartment neighbors shared similar stories of supernatural phenomena within the confines of their small 8-unit apartment building.

Does the spirit of a woman inhabit Rick’s apartment, and if so, what specific circumstances led to her manifestation during Rick’s photo session? The evidence seems to suggest our unseen spiritual visitors are ever-present, watching our every move, for better or for worse.