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Whitehall’s Bigfoot

November 25, 2013, 0 Comments

Bigfoot continues to be a creature shrouded in mystery. Despite centuries of sightings across the United States and Canada, still little is known about the elusive beast. Perhaps the main point we can infer from these reports is that Bigfoot is everywhere. And the town of Whitehall, New York is no exception, playing host to a number of Bigfoot sightings spanning several decades. Once and for all, residents are eager to solve a mystery bigger than the town itself.

Perhaps Whitehall’s most captivating Bigfoot incident took place in August 1976. Over a two day period, residents and police officers observed an unknown visitor on the outskirts of town. Eyewitnesses unanimously described a creature nearly 8 feet tall with red glowing eyes. The creature had gorilla-like qualities but walked and carried itself more like a man. Perhaps most disturbing was the creature’s piercing call, said to resemble the squealing of a pig.

Numerous sightings spanning several decades makes Whitehall, New York a Bigfoot hotspot. Furthermore, evidence is lent to the theory that Bigfoot is a regional phenomena. Do unclassified giants exist in dwindling populations, scattered across the most remote parts of the continent? Early evidence points toward yes, but the story is far from told.